Near Nepenthe - Pastel  by A. Scott

Near Nepenthe – Pastel
by A. Scott


“Our days begin with a visual sense of what surrounds us. Early morning light sends a message of a new day. Yet however beautiful the clouds and setting sun may be, for thousands of generations man has endured a fear of the night.  I choose my light carefully and respect a basic visual language we all share.  It is not my goal to shock the viewer but to offer a brief tranquil visual thought.” – Alexia





Shen Kua, a critic of Chinese painting during the eleventh century, suggests, “that a painting is a fragment – chosen as it were at random, yet profoundly significant of eternity.  What the artist records is not a single visual confrontation but an accumulation of experience touched off by one moment’s exaltation before the beauty of nature.”









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